The Networking Retreat

The Networking Retreat are sponsoring our Networking Sessions.

Want to win at networking events, social media and content marketing?

In just 24 hours at The Networking Retreat we will build you not only a compelling introduction, but a comprehensive system to ensure that every networking prospect is followed up in a way which will lead to more sales meetings, more sales and more referrals.

The Networking Retreat includes a huge amount of education and insight, giving you the strategies, techniques and material needed to be the successful networker you know you can be. We are holding the event at Milton Hill House, a beautiful venue in the Oxfordshire countryside.

This isn’t a workshop. This isn’t a seminar. This is a whole 24 hours spent in a small, select group of networkers, focussing on your success. The retreat is dynamic, immersive and you will leave not just with renewed confidence in your networking, but with the skills and techniques needed to back up that confidence with action.

Book today, and you will learn to love networking, and the results you gain from it. Find out more by clicking here.