10:30 AM

Networking Session

Join us for the opening of the event and our networking sessions hosted by the Networking Retreat, our sponsors. Bring some business cards and a short pitch and you're all set.

11:30 AM

Why does it do that?!?!? – The Excel Workout

by Catherine Watson

We all use it to a greater or lesser degree and many of us have a love/hate relationship with it. We hate it when it steals our time and we love it when it saves it. The aim of this talk is to give you some insight into some of the reasons why Excel sometimes seems to 'go rogue' and how to tame it and get it do to what you want, when you want, in the way that you want it. You'll learn about what's 'under the bonnet' and why it's good to know that, the 'one-touch' chart for all those chart lovers out there plus we'll look at a selection of useful functions and features and walk you through some step by step to strip away some of the mystery that can sometimes surround them. I'll also throw as many tips and tricks and shortcuts I can at you within 45 minutes. A copy of the slides and the workbooks used will also be available to those request it.

11:30 AM

Influence – How to raise your profile, manage your reputation and get noticed

by Warren Cass

Warren’s first book was released in 2017 with publisher Wiley/Capstone and immediately went to the top of the WHSmith charts. Warren draws from his research for his talks, sharing how each and every one of us can develop our communications skills and improve our personal impact. - Master the art of communication and build rapport - Raise your profile and manage your reputation - Develop strategic relationships & grow your network - Become the trusted go-to person in your field.

12:30 PM

How to generate word of mouth in the digital age

by Chris Kent

Chris KentThe holy grail of marketing is word of mouth – but how exactly do you generate word of mouth for your business offline, online and via social media? Many small business owners are so overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of the modern marketing landscape they often don’t know where to start! What it is, Why it matters and How to do it” Chris will reveal the three biggest challenges most business owners face when trying to generate word of mouth for their business and the steps you can take to overcome them.

12:30 PM

Turn your networking into sales – instantly

by Stefan Thomas

Stefan Thomas

Too many people go to networking events, but never make sales - usually because they're making just one common mistake. Stefan works with the likes of Lloyds Bank, 4Networking, BNI, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and hundreds of small business across the UK to make sure their networking works. In a fast paced seminar, full of content you can put into action straight away, Stefan will tell you exactly how to get your networking working, and how to start making sales right now. Stefan is the author of Business Networking for Dummies and Instant Networking and is proud to be associated with Hashtag Events.

01:30 PM

Get More Clients, quicker and easier than ever before

by Dylis Guyan

Dylis GuyanUnlike many speakers who give an entertaining story, Dylis will give you client attraction sales techniques and strategies in an inspirational way that REALLY WORK. You will leave your event motivated and equipped to implement the strategies immediately to grow their business. She will give fresh perspectives and provocative insights to sales people who are in need of a wakeup call. She will keep you engaged throughout, with her real life, funny stories during her time involved in Sales and Sales Management. Dylis is strong on content and will keep event the most experienced sales people sitting on the edge of their seat.

01:30 PM

How to stop just connecting and start getting business via LinkedIn

by Dave Holloway

Dave HollowayWith over 500m LinkedIn Profiles globally and over 20m in the UK alone, your target audience is out there. Are you finding your ideal clients? Are you connecting with them in the right way? Are you building profitable relationships to create more revenue for your business? This is the great news . . . without cold calling and by employing the right strategies you can connect with your ideal clients from anywhere in the world and leverage your prospecting and marketing time. Come to this session to find out how to unlock the true potential within your LinkedIn Profile. This is a value packed session showing you the 2 sides to LinkedIn and the 3 key things to achieve in each of those areas. Simple, powerful and effective. You will find out the simple strategies to implement right away to help you get found (for what you want to get found for); add value to your ideal clients and prove your credibility to them. You’ll also learn the simple 3 part strategy to make this work for you. Miss this and you will miss out on getting (more) business consistently from the world’s most powerful platform for connecting and doing business, bypassing the gatekeeper and connecting directly with the people who will become great clients for you and your business.

02:30 PM

Intelligent Insights – The evidence that makes the difference for your customers

by Graham Hill

Graham HillCustomers are the lifeblood of every business, and as business owners we all want our customers to like us, buy more from us and keep returning to us week after week, month after month, year after year and recommend us to friends, family and colleagues. The experience you give to your customers determines how much they buy, if they return and if they recommend you. So, customer experience has a direct impact on the growth and profitability of every business on the planet. Graham will provide you with some insights from over 300,000 mystery shops, across all sectors, and give you some tips to ensure you and your team consistently deliver exceptional service and look at how this can impact on your sales and profits. This session will give you solid insight and practical tips for ANY business that has customers, and will cover customer, complaints, feedback and the "great British Disease".